South-South cooperation program begins in Beijing at Tsinghua University

The third South-South education program for economics and finance kicks off in Beijing Monday. The program attracted 26 leaders from 23 developing countries and the United Nations.

The program is co-founded by the Finance Center for South-South Cooperation, South-South Education Foundation and the PBC School of Finance of Tsinghua University (PBCSF). Started in 2016, the program has covered 50 leaders from 39 developing countries and regions.

The program aims at exchanging experiences between member states under the South-South cooperation framework. And China is willing to share its experience of fast development and the Belt and Road initiative.

This year’s program will run from May 18 to 27. Participants will hear lectures from Chinese financial experts on the development of China’s economy and finance. The financial leaders will also have a chance to visit the Palace Museum and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).

The program is a platform for financial leaders from developing countries, says Cai E'Sheng, President of Finance Center for South-South Cooperation. “China has a lot of communication and exchanges with the rest of the world, but lack a deep understanding of each other’s culture and policies. The establishment of this program provides an opportunity to deeply know China by an “after sale” tracking,” added Cai.