FCSSC Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Yingke Law Firm


On March 8, 2018, the Financial Center for South-South Cooperation signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing Yingke Law Firm (from now on referred to as “Yingke”). The attendees at the signing ceremony included FCSSC’s Vice President & Director General John Wu and Deputy Director General Qu Mingjiao, and Yingke’s Directors Mei Xiangrong and Yang Lin.

As founding members of the United Nations Global Coalition of Think Tank Networks for South-South Cooperation, FCSSC, and Yingke forge a broad strategic partnership, following the principles of reciprocity, mutual benefit, stability, constancy, efficiency and high quality, with a view to provide project opportunities and services for developing countries and enterprises and further global sustainable development.

Both parties, in combination with their respective advantages, will jointly create efficient information exchange channels, ensure cooperation with intentional enterprises in high-quality projects and provide enterprises with comprehensive services, particularly provide financial and legal services as means and guarantee to help enterprises prepare for project implementation. Moreover, with the help of their respective governmental and commercial relationship networks throughout the globe, both parties will assist enterprises in investing in spite of regional and cultural differences. Besides, Yingke will provide daily legal consultancy as a legal counsel for FCSSC.


FCSSC, as a non-profit international organization incorporated in Hong Kong in April 2014, is a comprehensive platform that provides experience, expertise and technology exchanges, capacity cooperation and financial services for South-South cooperation under the framework of the UN agenda for sustainable development, with an aim to promote cooperation among governments and enterprises of developing countries, including international development organizations and assistance agencies, provide integral solutions to and facilitate the implementation of South-South cooperation projects, by taking successful models as guidance, industrial projects as carriers and financial service as means. With such efforts, FCSSC is devoted to helping developing countries accelerate industrialization and realize sustainable development, and making contributions to achieving sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

About Yingke Law Firm

Yingke, as the largest international top law firm in the Asian-Pacific region, has 44 offices in the Chinese mainland and more than 7,000 legal professionals. Moreover, in response to the Belt and Road Initiative and the “go global” strategy, Yingke has formed a global alliance (Yingke Global Lawyer Alliance) whose members are located in 133 cities and regions in 53 foreign countries. Yingke has provided satisfactory one-stop commercial and legal services for more than 100,000 domestic and international enterprises in total, following the policy of providing opportunities, promoting trade, creating values and solving problems and the principle of thinking globally and acting locally.