FCSSC Signs Strategic Cooperation MOU with GSAFETY


On March 7, 2018, the Financial Center for South-South Cooperation (FCSSC) signed a strategic cooperation MOU in Beijing with Beijing Global Safety Technology Co., Ltd. (from now on referred to as “GSAFETY”), marking that they have forged a strategic partnership. The attendees at the signing ceremony included FCSSC’s Vice President & Director General John Wu, Deputy Director General Qu Mingjiao and Counsel Min Luhao, Chairman Xu Jinghong and Vice President Li Zhongxiang of Tsinghua Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Tsinghua Holdings”), and Chairman Wang Zhong and Executive President Su Guofeng of GSAFETY.

According to the MOU, both parties will build a comprehensive and strategic partnership in international cooperation promotion, demonstration and exchanges, capital support, project and capital cooperation, etc. under the framework of South-South cooperation; FCSSC will help GSAFETY become fresh blood for South-South cooperation; GSAFETY will join and provide comprehensive support for international activities and conferences hosted by FCSSC; both parties will promote Tsinghua’s industry-university-research integration and cooperate with developing countries at multiple levels; FCSSC will serve as a consultant for GSAFETY in terms of its business and project implementation, including coordinating relevant governmental resources in the countries or regions where the projects are located, and providing integral solutions to project implementation (centering on financial service).

At the signing ceremony, the representative introduced FCSSC. Under the framework of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, FCSSC provides capacity cooperation and experience sharing among and financial service for developing countries, and helps Chinese enterprises “go global” in response to the Belt and Road Initiative. It is committed to creating an industrial ecosphere that can realize sustainable development, combining technology and capital with social and economic development of different countries.

According to Mr. Xu, technical industry innovation means enterprises are actors of innovation. It is necessary to deploy the industry chain based on the innovation chain improve the capital chain based on the industry chain, and facilitate the innovation chain based on the capital chain, thus forming deep integration of innovation, industry and capital. GSAFETY has contributed to Tsinghua’s industry-university-research integration. Through this MOU, GSAFETY will work hand in hand with FCSSC to achieve integrated innovation and sustainable development of real and virtual economy.

Mr. Wang presented cooperation points available for both parties. GSAFETY is proactively expanding its business overseas, and after signing this MOU, will join hands with FCSSC to build reproducible models in which the projects integrating finance and technology will promote regional development and improve people’s livelihood.


FCSSC, as a non-profit international organization incorporated in Hong Kong in April 2014, is a comprehensive platform that provides experience, expertise and technology exchanges, capacity cooperation and financial services for South-South cooperation under the framework of the UN agenda for sustainable development, with an aim to promote cooperation among governments and enterprises of developing countries, including international development organizations and assistance agencies, provide integral solutions to and facilitate the implementation of South-South cooperation projects, by taking successful models as guidance, industrial projects as carriers and financial service as means. With such efforts, FCSSC is devoted to helping developing countries accelerate industrialization and realize sustainable development, and making contributions to achieving sustainable development goals of the United Nations.


GSAFETY, as a hi-tech company relying on Tsinghua University, provides products and services such as systems and equipment involved in comprehensive emergency responses for public safety as well as in monitoring, prevention and warning, rescue command. GSAFETY exports its core software and hardware, integral solutions and other services like IT-based infrastructure construction. For example, it has built a complete emergency response alarm, command and control system for developing countries like Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Algeria and Angola. 

About Tsinghua Holdings 

Tsinghua Holdings, based on Tsinghua University’s integrating Tsinghua industries, is a solely state-owned limited liability corporation approved by the State Council. It ranks 163rd among 2017 China’s Top 500 Enterprises, and in terms of its R&D strengths, it ranks 7th among those enterprises.