Dr. Wu Zhong delivered the keynote speech at the Forum of Impact Investing in China and FCSSC officially released the Report on ‘Impact Investing: History and Practices in China’

On November 25, 2021, Dr. Wu Zhong, Director-General of FCSSC, delivered a keynote speech at the Forum of ‘ESG Investing Frontiers: Impact Investing in China’, which was jointly organized by China Development Research Foundation, China Social Investment Forum, China Alliance of Social Value Investment and the National School of Development of Peking University. At the Forum, Impact Investing: History and Practices in China, the Research Report organized by FCSSC, was officially released. 

Dr. Wu introduced this research report and highlighted some of the key issues in the report, including the concept of impact investing, the history and the trend of the impact investing internationally, and the development and the practices of impact investing in China. Meanwhile, Dr. Cheng Enjiang, project officer of Ford Foundation, and Mr. Liu Dongwen, Chairman and CEO of CD Finance, also shared their perspectives of the case study of CD Finance addressed in this Report.  

More than 20 experts were also invited to share their perspectives, including the experts from Allianz, APVN in China, Peking University, China Poverty Alleviation foundation, British Embassy in China, Ernst & young Group, HSBC, Lenovo Group and so on. 

The forum was broadcast live by Sina Finance. To watch the forum, please click the official link of Sina at